Volunteer Committees

Long-time members say the best way to benefit from membership in MPI is to join a committee. Joining an MPI Committee helps members (new and old) to foster knowledge, build rapport with other committee members and to gain a solid network of colleagues in the industry.

If you are interested in becoming a NEW Chapter Volunteer, please visit the chapter website and complete the “VOLUNTEER NOW” survey. The Director of Leadership will connect you with your volunteer assignment.


MPI Ottawa Committees

Community Outreach & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Under the direction of the Director of Community Outreach and CSR, this Committee works with Chapter volunteers and local charities. The Committee strives to bring awareness to the missions and needs of the charities chosen by the Chapter by assisting onsite at the charity location through various activities and/or raising funds through Chapter activities. Please click on the attached pdf document to access more information on the charities the Chapter supports and how they are chosen.

Member Awards and Recognition

Under the direction of the Director of Member Awards and Recognition, this Committee’s primary responsibility is to organize the annual Prix Prestige Awards Gala to recognize and celebrate those outstanding members who show exceptional commitment to their profession, their community and to the Ottawa MPI Chapter. The Committee also provides ongoing recognition of our volunteers through the monthly MPI Bucks program.

Member Care

Under the direction of the Director of Member Care, this Committee has two primary objectives – the recruitment and care of new members as well as the support and retention of existing members. The Committee’s activities to achieve these goals include welcoming new members at Chapter events, providing orientation sessions and encouraging meaningful involvement in the Chapter and industry. The Committee also represents the MPI Ottawa Chapter at various tradeshows throughout the year and coordinates the publication of the Chapter directory. The Student Liaison Sub-committee, which reports to the Member Care Committee, focuses on supporting the student members.

Member Education

Under the direction of Director of Education Programming, this Committee is responsible for developing the Chapter’s education program based on member feedback, research and the Chapter’s strategic plan. We strive to produce a regular series of workshops, meetings and sessions that strike a balance between education that is relevant to both planners and suppliers. The Committee also determines the pricing for the Chapter’s activities, develops venue and audio visual RFP’s and manages logistics for the educational programs.

Member Programming

Under the direction of the Director of Member Programming, this Committee is responsible for developing and executing the Chapter’s signature networking events throughout the program year. Events include the golf tournament, September launch, seasonal event, Winter tasting tour, the June bash and other networking opportunities throughout the year. This committee assists in developing the venue and audio visual RFPs, and manages all logistics for the networking events.


Under the direction of the Director of Publications, this Committee is responsible for public relations, marketing and publications. The Committee manages the online Conventus and ensures a presence for MPI on social media and on the website to raise awareness with potential members and the broader business community in Ottawa-Gatineau, while seeking to foster engagement among members.

Strategic Alliances

Under the direction of the Director of Strategic Alliances, this Committee seeks to forge partnerships between MPI and its partners to financially support and enhance the programs the Chapter offers. The Committee is responsible for designing partnership policies and guidelines, soliciting partnerships with our valued planners and suppliers and ensuring that the defined benefits of partnering with the Chapter are met.

Strategic Education

Under the direction of the Director of Strategic Education, this Committee’s primary responsibility is to organize the Chapter’s annual Global Meetings Industry Day (GMID) educational event. GMID is an opportunity for all MPI chapters to showcase the impact of the meetings industry globally. The Committee also supports those who wish to pursue the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) certification by facilitating a study group and/or boot camp in preparation for the exam. This Committee also promotes the educational grants and bursaries available to our industry.

By Invitation


The Director of Leadership provides the critical link between Chapter volunteers and the committees. The Director assists the committees in defining tasks and roles for volunteers and to match volunteers to committees based on compatible goals, skill sets and available time to provide a meaningful volunteer experience.

The Director works extensively with the Board by providing guidance, coaching and management resources solutions. The Director is also a permanent member of the Nominating and Governance Committee of the Board of Directors, ensuring review of policies and procedures as well as succession planning.

Nominating Committee

One of the roles of the Chapter’s Immediate Past President is to lead the Nominating Committee consisting of specified board positions and invited members-at-large. This Committee seeks out interested and experienced Chapter members to consider a leadership role as a member of our Board of Directors. This Committee is charged with identifying candidates, encouraging applications for open positions, the interview process and final recommendations for the Board of Directors based on the Board Elections procedures as established in the Chapter Bylaws.

Working Groups

From time to time various tasks or projects come to the attention of the Board that necessitates the establishment of a short-term team to review and recommend direction. Individuals with specific skills may be asked to participate based on their areas of expertise or experience.