Extra! Extra! Unique Opportunity for Students & Members in Transition!



Organizers of The Engaging Associations Forum are looking for 10 volunteer scribes to take notes during the Idea Lab session on Thursday, July 20, 3:30 – 5:00 at the Infinity Centre here in Ottawa.

What’s an Idea Lab? An IDEA LAB is a highly interactive meeting format where participants are asked to “brain dump” ideas to solve certain problems.  Led by an association executive/subject-matter expert, each table tackles a different problem area and brainstorms solutions. Participants have the opportunity to choose from 10 different topics and sit at 3 different tables for 25-minute each.

The solutions generated at each table are captured by scribes, taking notes in their own laptop or tablet. Participants also are able to add ideas through the event app. Following the event, we will gather all the notes and participants will get a full copy of the 2017 Engaging Associations Idea Book! (Where scribes will be officially recognized with a link to their LinkedIn profile, for extra exposure!).

What’s in it for you? As a volunteer, you get to attend The Forum for FREE on Thursday, July 20. That’s a $189 value! Check out the program; it’s a great day of education and since we have 140 registered participants thus far, it’s fabulous networking too (look who’s coming here).

If you have a bent for taking great notes, and are eager to get involved and engaged in the association community, please contact Doreen Ashton Wagner at 613-362-4474 (call or text) or email daw@greenfield-services.ca.