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The Students’ Corner: A Business Solution: Get yourself a Student TODAY!

The Scenario: What started off as just an idea, is now a thriving business or a major project. Your client-base and responsibilities are rapidly growing and you need employees. You are looking for the ideal candidate; an individual who is passionate about events and the industry and one who possesses high quality and relevant skills with an amazing work ethic. Isn’t that what we are all looking for?

The Problem: The search for the right candidate for any position can be overwhelming; it is a long and sometimes costly process. And even after you have followed all the right screening and interviewing protocols, how do you know which candidate will be the right “fit”? What if we told you a no-cost solution exists where you can bring someone you select comes in to work? It is an opportunity where you can see how an employee works and behaves in your real-time environment and ensures they meet the requirements before you officially hire them. Oh, and it’s free!

The Solution: Hire a student, through the Event Management Work Placement Program at Algonquin College. Work placement is an opportunity for students to earn hands on experience about the work associated with events as they are learning theory in the classroom and organizing a team event in the community. A minimum of 1 day a week for their services can be provided. You can interview students and select the one (or more) that meets your requirements. As a mentor, you would guide and direct them during their time with you and at the end of their placement, you can choose to hire them (or not).

The Benefits:

  1. Save on training (what business owner doesn’t want to save money?!)
  2. It is an investment in your future and that of the student (the right candidate could be the best business decision you have ever made)
  3. Students with no experience have an open-mind, therefore, easy to mould (no bad habits)
  4. Students are eager, have high energy and are able to adapt to different work cultures
  5. They will bring a new perspective to your work place (first-time students and mature students alike emanate passion)
  6. It is your chance to share your expertise (your time to shine – be a mentor!)
  7. You have the opportunity to shape your dream employee (whom in the long run, could turn into the perfect employee and be a profitable decision)

The How to:

  • Email MPI member Sandy Ouellette, Algonquin College ( if you have any questions OR;
  • Go to 
    • Create an account
    • Create a job description (it is as easy as creating a job posting)
    • Decide if it is a long-term or short-term position (long-term is a semester long placement with the same student, short-term is for one-time specific events with different students)
    • Wait for the approval from the site admin
    • Follow up with candidates who express their interest (if required, set-up interview)
    • Choose the qualified student for the position (hire them)
    • All you need to do is approve the hours, verify the skills and offer constructive advice after the placement has been completed (grade the student)

 The Summary: This program gives you access to a database full of eligible candidates who are hungry for hands on experience within the event industry. They are eager to learn from the best.

The Close: Build your business. Create a placement. Find your student.

jasmine jeanette-photoArticle written by Jeanette Tachynsky, National Judicial Institute and Jasmine Leese, Le Belvédère

Article edited by Darlene Kelly-Stewart, STONEHOUSE Sales & Marketing Services