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MPI Ottawa Community Outreach and Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

Each year the MPI Ottawa Chapter contributes to local charities in two ways: raising funds and helping on site.

Here is information on who and how we supported our charities for the past two years:

Who we supported for 2015-2017:

  1. Ottawa Network for Education (School Breakfast Program)
  2. Ottawa Food Bank
  3. Snowsuit Fund
  4. Hopewell
  5. Moisson Outaouais
  6. Kiwanis Club of Ottawa (Christmas Basket Program)
  7. Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation

How we contributed for 2015-2017:


  1. The proceeds from the monthly 50/50 draws have been divided up amongst the various organizations throughout the year.
  2. The proceeds from the major annual fundraising event (auction dinner) went to the School Breakfast Program and Hopewell.
  3. The annual festive event, is a disengaged food drive for both sides of the river: non-perishable goods are collected, as well as monies from the “Tape-a-Twoonie” campaign, and are divided equally to both the Ottawa Food Bank and Moisson Outaouais.

Onsite Volunteering:

  1. School Breakfast Program – the committee volunteers went into various schools to help serve breakfast.
  2. Ottawa Food Bank – the committee volunteers to the warehouse to assist with food sorting.
  3. Snowsuit Fund – the committee volunteers assist at the fund office by handing out warm clothes to those who require assistance.
  4. Kiwanis Club of Ottawa (Christmas Basket Program) – committee members assisted with delivering baskets.

Every two years, the committee asks the MPI Ottawa membership, to assist the committee in determining the specific charities for which monies will be raised and distributed.

We will consider alternate charities. Please keep in mind the following when submitting suggestions:

Criteria for Charity Selection:

  • Have its head office or satellite office in Ottawa
  • Work to improve the quality of life for families, children or the elderly in our community
  • Receive little or no support from government or from official funding agencies
  • Use MPI Ottawa’s donations to make a difference within the community and in turn, make a significant impact within the organization chosen
  • Be a project or foundation which supports the MPI community

We have created a SHORT SURVEY and ask you to take a few moments to give us your feedback.

For more information:

Riccarda Galioto

Director, Community Outreach and CSR 2015-2017

ricarada-galioto-headshot-21Article Written by: Riccarda Galioto, AMMI Canada

 Article Edited by: Darlene Kelly-Stewart, STONEHOUSE Sales & Marketing Services