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Insider Events – MPI Jazzy June Event

Article written by Katherine Craig, The War Amps

Basic details of the event:

Title: MPI Jazzy June Event
Date: June 28, 2017
City, Country: Ottawa, Canada
Host Venue: The Lord Elgin Hotel & The Ottawa Jazz Festival
Organizing Team: Rebecca Narr (lead); Kimberly Hoy (lead); Annie Léveillée; Christina Amos; Katherine Craig; Maureen Prebinski; Nicole Jeffrey, CMP; Rosemary Ly


Number of Attendees: 70

Who was the target audience?

MPI Ottawa Members, especially Chapter volunteers.

What was the main objective of your event?

The event’s main objectives were to act as a networking and education opportunity for the Ottawa chapter, as well as an appreciation event for the hardworking MPI volunteers.

What was unique/different about this particular event for you/your organization?

It was the first time the Member Networking Events and Member Education committees joined together to work on an event. We were able to combine education and entertainment into a unique evening of learning! Upon arrival at the Lord Elgin, smoothies and snacks were available for guests to nibble on before the programming. Sergeant Roberts talked risk management from his perspective working in Public Safety on the Ottawa Police Services and focused on large scale events, crowds, and what to do in emergency situations. We felt that the topic of risk management fit perfectly with the potential risks associated to planning a large public event like the Ottawa Jazz Festival. Following dinner in the VIP tent participants who were interested, were invited to join Dawson Hamilton, Director of Sponsorship and Business Developments for The Ottawa Jazz Festival, for some behind the scenes tours and insights into how the Jazz Festival comes together. Attendees were then free to attend any of the shows going on that evening, with The Bad Plus headlining on the main stage.




What was the biggest obstacle you/your team had to overcome?

Working in a limited timeframe. It was difficult to manage the production schedule. With the event being right after work, we knew that the programming may start later, and run later than anticipated. Not only were there two educations sessions, two concerts, and dinner, we also needed to include the induction of the new Board of Directors and other business items to conclude the 2016/2017 MPI Calendar into our programming. We found it difficult to keep the schedule moving on time, and this resulted in Sergeant. Roberts’ education portion feeling a little rushed despite running over time, and the group getting caught in the rain on the way over to the Jazz Festival. Thankfully, we had access to the VIP tent which kept everyone dry!


What was your biggest triumph?

There were a lot of moving pieces with this event, as there were two venues, and a lot to consider. I think our committee did an awesome job at liaising with the suppliers, sourcing sponsors for items we needed, and getting a great speaker for the main education portion (who didn’t break the budget!).

Did you do anything new or innovative? If so, how did it go?

The event concept as the June event was new for MPI Ottawa, and I love that we are consistently pushing the boundaries and trying new things. Overall, I think the event went well. After reading the feedback surveys there were things that could have gone smoother, but I am happy to have gotten the experience for a unique event like this.



What challenges did you have putting the features together?

Everything ran relatively smoothly! The organizing committee was amazing to work with and everyone had their roles. It was great to have both suppliers and planners on the committee, where there was a wealth of knowledge to share.

jill-garner Article compiled by Jill Garner, Sheraton Ottawa Hotel

Article edited by Cynthia Beaudin, Canada Foundation for Innovation