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Getting to Know…Our Planner Member


Marie-Louise Doyle

President & Principal Planner, Doyle & Associates Events Planners
AND Director, Business Development, MyEventApps
Self-employed and employed by MyEventApps
Joined MPI in 1998
Contact me at: and/or )

About Marie-Louise

I was born in Ottawa in the 1960’s and grew up in Alta Vista.  I went to Cardinal Leger Pierre Laporte; Immaculata High School and Carleton University.  I am married to Paul and have two kids, Shane and Kayla who are married to Liz and Kyle respectively.  I have three grand-children:  Isabella, Logan, Lyla; and Jacob (in production). I love being “Nana” more than anything else in the world.

Career Path

I did my first gig, in 1979 as the volunteer planner for the Youth Commonwealth Conference.  I joined this industry as a professional in 1981 before this sector was even recognized as an industry. After graduating from Carleton, I became the Executive Assistant to the President of an Aerospace company. That position was event planner heavy, so I muddled through with mailing out registration forms and was thrilled when the fax machine came along. I took a break for 10 years to raise my kids, then started my own event décor company, specializing in making centerpieces and theme design creation. Coming back into the workforce, I did various career oriented jobs, but took a project management course in 1986 at Rigaud College and that’s when it all came together.  I moved into being a professional project manager, specializing in event planning.

Social Media:

What do you recommend following on social media (i.e. Twitter handle, Pinterest site, Facebook group, etc.)

I’m not big into Social Media.  I can build a kick butt communications strategy that uses social media, but I do feel it’s gotten out of hand.  People have forgotten to take a breath before they tweet, before they text, before they message. But, for me the best group, is the MPI group.


What do you want to accomplish before your next birthday?/What might you consider doing if you could get over your fear?/ What are you currently reading or would recommend reading?/What is one dream you’ve seen fulfilled?

This section of the article on inspiration is challenging for me because I want to answer each question. So, quickly now, before my next birthday: I want to sell our home, get into a condo and get a cottage of our own or a “pimped out RV” of some sort. If I could get over a newly acquired fear, I would do a tandem jump with my son. I am currently reading The Door by Magda Szabo that speaks to the strengths in women’s friendships and “I am woman hear me roar” philosophies. I am very blessed in my life, and have been able to fulfill many dreams. The one dream I didn’t even really know I had, is to be “the best nana ever”.


What is the best thing about being the age you are now?

The best thing about being the age I am now? Hmmm, there’s so much about crossing 50 that is the best thing.  What’s best though is that I have the strength to tell people what I think; and no longer care about what people think of me. Like me, don’t like me – I don’t care. I am who I am and I appreciate the wrinkles and the crinkles that come with age.

Do you have any collections?

I have always been an avid collector. Currently, I collect music memorabilia, coins, toys (e.g., Star Trek, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, TMNT, etc.), barware (most recently, all things Beau’s). If ever I’m losing interest in one collection, it’s only to start up a new one.


What was your favourite networking event?

My favourite networking event took place near Charlottetown, PEI.  I was there on a fam, and we were on a bus on the 2nd, very long, day and we were all hungry, tired and little whiny.  I kept thinking, “OMG, are they seriously just taking us to the Anne of Green Gables museum?” We got off the bus across the street from there, and planted our toes in the soft, red earth and walked over a small hill guided by lanterns and there it was, a tent, oyster chucking stations, lobster pots, and music. I have travelled to some of the most beautiful places in the world, but this spot was so serene, so beautiful, it took my breath away.

Favourite Quote:

My favourite quote is by Helen Mirren: “40 is good; 50 is great; 60 is fab; and 70 is f***ing awesome”. A quote from me: “So far, so good”.

Alison Peverley  Article Written By Alison Peverley, The Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club

Article Edited By Cynthia Beaudin, Canada Foundation for Innovation