Call for Volunteers – Member Care Committee

Do you want to be part of the committee lifeblood of the MPI Ottawa chapter? 

Do you want an opportunity to connect directly with MPI members?

Do you want to help spread the news of the value of MPI membership?

Then MPI Ottawa Member Care wants YOU on their team!


The Member Care committee is looking for volunteers to help recruit and retain members. There are four branches of the committee and we are specifically looking for help in the communications sub-committee and retention sub-committee.

The retention sub-committee is looking for friendly, well-spoken volunteers who can donate some time to assist with the monthly membership calls. This would be a great opportunity for anyone looking to improve their sales skills or wanting to expand their MPI Ottawa network. This position can be very low profile and can work independently.
Time commitment per month: 2 hours

The communications sub-committee is looking for passionate volunteers who want to spread the value of MPI membership through short articles and social media content. This would be a great opportunity for anyone looking to improve their communication/writing skills but with less responsibility than being on a publications team.
Time commitment per month: 1.5 hours

If you are interested in these positions please complete our volunteer survey.  If you would like to learn more about the awesome Member Care committee please contact Director Karen Norris at