2019 “the Event” Call for Speakers

  • Meeting name: ‘the EVENT’
  • Location: Bonaventure Hotel 900 Rue de la Gauchetière O, Montréal, QC H5A 1E4
  • Date: April 4-6, 2019
  • Estimated attendance: 325+ participants
  • Proposal due date: November 23, 2018

2019 Theme and Scope
Every year, a new theme will guide the EVENT, a meeting industry collaboration across three MPI Chapters, each providing their unique input and resources. For its second edition in 2019, the EVENT is structured and revolves around three important Pillars, Collaborate, Cultivate and Elevate (Collaborer, Réaliser, Inspirer); putting an emphasis on the people who create, mobilize and evolve our industry. The power of three, the power of people, and the power of exchange will be explored throughout the EVENT. This year’s event takes on the theme of “SensoryShip”! Each space, learning activity and networking opportunity will capture one of the six+ senses. Vision, hearing, taste, smell, touch, proprioception and vestibular sensation.

The aim of the program is to transform the way we absorb educational content and challenge traditional learning methods. As part of this initiative, the call for speakers and the relevant event industry content they share must align with the following pillars:
Collaborate – Learn from one another. The primary focus is on peer to peer learning, interactive sessions, uncommon workshops and open formats such as unconferencing.
Cultivate –   Combining form with function in new learning environments, creative room set-ups and out of the box education.  i.e. Braindate unstructured lounges, a yoga studio, common hotel spaces both indoor and out.
Elevate – Raise the profile of the event industry and how planners and events are seen in the public eye.  High-level and business focused education that provides immediate value for event professionals. With these concepts in mind, the EVENT is proud to announce the return of the e180 Braindates, a technology-based program which involves one-on-one or group conversations booked between participants throughout the EVENT. Via the e180’s web app, Braindate, helps facilitate peer to peer learning and acknowledges the fact that the most precious content can come from participants themselves in any learning setting

Conference Presentations
Speakers may choose to use, but are not limited to, the following formats which will incorporate as much interactivity and creativity. Out-of-the box formats are also recognized and encouraged. Workshops to be delivered in English or/and French.

Battle of the Experts
Speakers may be asked to take part in a ‘Battle of the Experts’ during the kick-off. They will have an opportunity to present a 5-minute abbreviated version of their topic and at least one concrete take away if participants choose to attend the speaker’s session in depth. Based on the topics presented in the Battle, participants will have their choice to participate in a particular speaker’s break out session. Based on popularity, speakers may be asked to repeat their break out session throughout the conference schedule. Each topic to enhance at least one of the senses.
5-minutes + 45/60-minute workshop/30-minute presentation

The (Un)common Workshop
These are topic-specific training opportunities for professionals to enhance their skills, conceptual knowledge or practical ideas which can be implemented into their own practice. The session can be delivered in conventional or unconventional formats and should provide participants with a ‘hands on’ activity. They should have clear learning objectives and must emphasize significant audience participation (at least 25% of the workshop should be dedicated to interactive learning). Each topic to enhance at least one of the senses.
45–60 minutes

Panel Presentation
Panels should include a minimum of two and maximum of four presentations addressing a common issue or topic from different perspectives followed by an interactive discussion involving the audience.  Topics should be industry specific and topical. Presentation can be delivered in conventional or unconventional formats. Each topic to enhance at least one of the senses.
60-90 minutes

Keynote Presentation
Keynote presentations should not exceed 30 minutes and include a minimum 15-minute question period with the audience. Presentation can be delivered in conventional or unconventional formats. Opening or closing sessions are available. Each topic to enhance at least one of the senses.
30-45 minutes

New Format Delivery Presentation/Workshop
Do you have a new way of delivering education? We are open to listening and learning about your ideas for andragogy! Each topic to enhance at least one of the senses.
45-60 minutes

the EVENT Schedule (subject to change)
Thursday April 4, 2019
12/1:00pm – 3:00pm            GMID Program: Education
3:00pm                                Braindates Open (pre-conference)
5:00pm – 7:00pm                 the EVENT OPENING RECEPTION
8/9:00pm                             Rendez-Vous

Friday April 5, 2019
6:30am – 7:30am                 Wellness Session
7:30am – 5:00pm                the FOODERY is Open
8:30am –  10:00am              On Main Stage – the EVENT Opener
10:15am – 1:30pm               Business Workshops/Experiential Labs/P2P Discovery Sessions
1:30pm –  2:30pm                Keynote or Panel Presentation
2:45pm –  5:00pm                Business Workshops/Experiential Labs/P2P Discovery Sessions
8:00pm – 11:00pm               Tourism Montreal Night

Saturday April 6, 2019
6:30am – 7:30am                 Wellness Session
7:30am – 2:00am                 the FOODERY is Open
8:30am – 10:00am               Keynote or Panel Presentation
10:15am – 12:30pm             Business Workshops/Experiential Labs/P2P Discovery Sessions
12:45pm – 2:00pm               It’s a Wrap Up

Meeting Professionals International (MPI) is the pivotal force in positioning meetings & events as primary communication vehicles and critical components of an organization’s success.  MPI leads the industry by serving the diverse needs of all people with a direct interest in the outcome of meetings, educating and preparing members for their changing roles and validating relevant knowledge and skills, as well as demonstrating a commitment to excellence in meetings.

For the second time, three MPI Chapters (MPI Toronto, MPI Montréal & Québec, and MPI Ottawa) have joined together to offer their members an opportunity to attain cutting edge innovative business and meeting industry education. Bringing together three unique communities will give event participants the chance to expand their network circles and create new business relationships, all while strengthening existing ones.

Event Background: This is an initiative launched in 2017, an education event jointly managed by the Ottawa, Toronto, and Montréal & Québec MPI Chapters. This is the second year for this ground- breaking event and we are confident that registrations will be around the 325+ mark.

Event Objective: Learning & Networking: the EVENT is an ever-changing concept that will utilize various peer to peer learning techniques and technology, creative meeting room designs, new and old session formats, all with the intent of fostering participant collaboration on current ideas, the cultivation of new ideas, and the elevation of the meeting industry.

Attendee Profile:  Open to all MPI members as well as non-members. We expect the majority of the attendance to be from the three host MPI Chapters, which combined, comprises approximately 1,000 members. We also expect to have numerous destination and hotel sponsors from all across Canada. All those attending will be event professionals. The aim is for a 1:1 planner to supplier ratio.

Locations for Future Years (Venue yet to be determined)
2020: Toronto

Expected Outcomes
Conference participants will:

  • Come away with practical ideas and business skills to apply to their work settings
  • Build strong networks and engage in peer to peer learning through facilitated and non-facilitated conversations
  • Be better equipped to adopt new event industry trends (tech, creative formats, etc.)
  • Foster mentorship opportunities amongst peers

Submission Guidelines
All submissions should complete the online form  by November 23rd, 2018.
All supplementary materials such as videos, presentation examples, one-sheets, delivery methods/set-ups and resource needs etc. should be sent to leslie@the-event.ca.
We welcome submissions in both French and English and in any format desired. (The call and forms are provided only in English as this time due to limited resources).

  • Call is open to both MPI members and non-members
  • Call is sent by e-blast to all MPI members, and posted on the EVENT website and three Chapter websites
  • All proposals will be acknowledged upon receipt
  • Proposals will be reviewed by the EVENT Executive Committee which includes one representative from each of the three participating Chapters
  • The successful speakers will be notified via email once approved by the Education Committee
  • Unsuccessful bidders will be notified by email and may be considered for the following years

All three MPI Chapters thank you for your interest and submitting your content for the EVENT