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Getting A Business Wardrobe On A Budget

With the school year coming to an end in a few short months, the excitement of graduation is just around the corner. Soon you’ll be entering the workforce on a fulltime basis and leaving those textbooks behind. Unfortunately, with the loss of textbooks comes the loss of being able to wear sweats every day. Building a professional wardrobe does not need to be costly and I’m here to help you with some tricks I...

Getting to Know…Our Sponsors!

Edmonton Tourism Contact: Stephanie Lynch Business Development Account Manager slynch@exploreedmonton.com Twitter: @exploreedmonton Who is Edmonton Tourism? Edmonton Tourism, a division of Edmonton Economic Development Corporation, is the trusted expert and resource for marketing Edmonton’s visitor experience. Working alongside our Stakeholders we deliver exceptional experiences, inviting guests to stay longer, spend more and share their stories with others. To accomplish these goals, we focus on brand aligned destination marketing and quality in-destination events, experiences and...

Purposeful Planning – Au Revoir & New Directions Ahead

You may have noticed that this column was quiet in the last few months, and that was not, dear readers, due to a lack of activity. Thanks to the wonderful support of MPI Ottawa Vice-President, Communications Martha Tobin, Publications Director Laurence Lavallée, and the entire Board, Purposeful Planning has been undergoing a major renovation of sorts. This is the last Purposeful Planning column for me. After several years of contributing this column, truth be...

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