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MPI Foundation Update – The Biggest Shame

I was on a conference call recently as the MPI Ottawa Chapter Ambassador to the MPI Foundation. There was something that was said that really stuck with me.  With all of the incredible work and success that has gone into fundraising for the MPI Foundation; the biggest shame would be to have the scholarships and grants that are made available not be used. In my previous job, we had a fantastic referral program in...

Getting to Know…Our Planner Member

Ted Halmos Air Canada Joined MPI in 2014 Contact information: Email: ted.halmos@gmail.com About Ted I was born and raised in Montreal. I went to McGill University (B.Sc. ‘81), John Abbott College in 2014 and married my lovely wife Maryse Lesperance also in 2014. My step daughter is an employee of Air Canada and she is currently training to become a flight director. We have four cats, two dogs and a horse. Our family loves...

Insider Events: International Actuarial Association

Article written by Anne Lamarche, CMP, International Actuarial Association / Association Actuarielle Internationale Basic details of the event: Title: IAA Council and Committee Meetings Date: Two meetings per year City, Country: Worldwide Host Venue: Various brands – mainly Starwood/Marriott Organizing Lead: Anne Lamarche, CMP – Meeting Manager; full responsibility for the planning and organization of the bi-annual meetings, from the location selection process to managing the onsite logistics. Number of Attendees: Ranges between 250–350...

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