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Who We Are

Meeting Professionals International (MPI) is the leading global community that is shaping and defining the future of the meeting and event industry. The Ottawa Chapter of MPI is the largest organization of conference planners and suppliers in Canada’s National Capital Region, with more than 300 members in Ottawa and Gatineau.

Why MPI Ottawa?

Meeting Professionals International (MPI), the meeting and event industry’s most vibrant global community, helps its members thrive by providing human connections to knowledge and ideas, relationships, and marketplaces. MPI membership is comprised of more than 24,000 members belonging to 71 chapters and clubs worldwide.


Upcoming Events

  • 10/01/2018

    January - MPI Webinars

    During the month of January 2018, you’ll want to stay out of the cold!!  Whether you’re in the office or working remotely, sit back and join us for MPI Ottawa Webinar Days. These complimentary Education Sessions are being offered to current members. Each will have CMP assigned hours and will take place on each Wednesday of the month starting January 10th.

    On Wednesday January 10th, we will host a live webinar that includes two 45 minute topics.

    The first topic (from noon to 12:45) is an extension of our October 12 Live Education session where technical aspects and applications pertaining to event design were discussed. During this webinar, we will introduce you to Airtable, an innovative application to manage your critical path activities and more:

    “Airtable – Streamlining Event Planning and Collaboration”

    Hands up those of us who still use Excel for critical path and a multitude of other spreadsheets to track our event planning processes!  Do you ever think, there must be something out there that is more efficient and easier to use, lets us collaborate better with team members in real time, and that we can use on our tablets or smartphones as well as our computer? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you won’t want to miss session 1 of our live webinar.  Hear from Shani Taylor of Airtable – about a new project management cloud-based tool for your desktop, tablet and smartphone that’s streamlining the event planning and collaboration process by merging the functionality of a spreadsheet with the power of relational database into an easy-to-use collaborative planning tool. Don’t take our word for it.  Join us and hear what other planners are saying about Airtable.

    The second topic (from 12:45 to 1:30 p.m.) is a follow up to our November 1 Live Education session where we learned more about how we could design events that considered 7 intentions if human behaviour. During this webinar, you will hear about how you can further increase attendee engagement at your events:

    “World Café – Knowledge through Conversations that Matter”

    How can we design a conference program that allows for authentic attendee engagement and knowledge-sharing and elevate our attendees’ conference experience?  Attend Session 2 of our live webinar to learn about “World Café,” an effective approach to group learning and thinking that accesses the creative and shared knowledge of your attendees. Hear from Morna Ballantyne, Executive Director of the Childcare Advocacy Association of Canada, about this innovative learning technique and how you can incorporate it into your event programming.  She will show attendees how to use World Café at your event, taking into consideration the type of event and size that works best for this learning format, room design and technical needs, the advance preparation to do with facilitators and conversation collectors, and tips on evaluation and measuring success.


    We thank MPI Global for the use of their webinar platform and their technical support for Ottawa’s January Webinar education.  Your complimentary registration for this live webinar is via the MPI Academy website – Have your MPI username and password handy to register and if you don’t have one, simply create one prior to registration.


    ON-DEMAND Education:

    Further your learning by registering for MPI Global’s additional pre-recorded webinar series.

    Wednesday January 17
    Exploring Unique Learning Formats
    Learn about more unique learning formats for your meetings like dotmocracy, the unconference, and fishbowl

    Wednesday January 24
    Providing Multilingual Communication at your Event
    Google translate is not your friend when providing multilingual communication at your event.  Learn how to make your bilingual/multilingual meeting accessible and inclusive for all participants.

    Wednesday January 31
    Meeting Measurement:  Post Event Research

    Looking for ways to measure ROE, ROO, ROI after your event?  This webinar is for you!

  • 01/02/2018

    MPI Charity Auction and Dinner

    More details to come.

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